SK Gaming GUI 2011

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Creator: minisunde

- Compatible with 640x480, 800x600 & 1024x768 resolutions.
- Completely new black,red,yellow & white UI.
- New background.
- UI,Steam & Desktop icons added.
- improvements in OPTIONS > KEYBOARD.
- New UI and ENGINE fonts.
- Player configs included.
- New configs for server control (part of COMMANDMENU).
- New scoreboard which changes size according to number of players.
- New tempdecal spray & bmp spray.
- Wallpapers included.
- Registries included.
- Included new music in the gamemenu. (In Flames - Deliver Us)
- New botprofile.
- New demoplayer.
- New crosshair image added.
- Team image at advanced panel.
- New loading dialog added.

- It has a similiar look like esc & tcm gui, because of the team logo.
- Configs are not the latest ones...
- If your spraylogo doesn't works copy the tempdecal again, than launch cs.

SK Menu 02.JPG SK Menu 01.JPG Welcome.JPG Wallpaper.jpg Spray.JPG Spectator.JPG Loading....JPG Desktop.JPG Commandmenu.JPG Buymenu.JPG


anes_nane 4 Years before

ty guys

Tibbzi 5 Years before

= нече не темное все ваше найс !!!spawnya i like ^______^

fTHEmagik 5 Years before

how to put in

Lighter 6 Years before

good SK Gaming GUI! best!

eMMede 6 Years before

naum sei como coloca o background vcs podem me ajudarem

SwedenSpawN 6 Years before


[NG] ghRO ;c 6 Years before

Через чур темное, а так неплохо

phron1k 6 Years before
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