SteelSERIES GUI 2012

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SteelSERIES GUI by Kindle
Resolution 800x600
Ingame Song: Skrillex - First of the year

NOTE: These screenshots are in low color, but ingame are in full! Hope you'll enjoy in steelseries gui by Kindle.
Cya for the next one gui. :)

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg

Good day all I want ... I want to ask, how to make your own counter strike .. because it was my first time .... ADVANCE Havlova BY Selle ReLLeX

sakodarko 4 Years before

superb gui *ThumbsUP*

AgniTara 5 Years before

What about 6x4 ?

FlAsHbAcK 5 Years before

Immediately below the first main image you have textual button => Download Now <=

Kindle EMENDATE 5 Years before

no download :S

7'DkM. Jotape 5 Years before

I Forgot to take ss from ingame menus, its black/orange in H menu and score table is not too much changed.

Kindle EMENDATE 5 Years before
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