SK Gaming GUI 2012

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Creator Tibbse aka mnsnd


SK-Gaming GUI 2012, updated and fixed version of my 2011 release.
Changed everywhere...added some few new options and removed aswell.
Here is the list what I'm changed in this release.

* Removed:

- The tempdecal spraylogo
- The motd image and text file
- The gameui_english.txt file from valve/resource
- The botprofile.dll file
- sk-gaming player configs

* Changed:

- The background (SK Gaming at IEM6 WC 2012)
- The gamestartup song (23Violins - The Prophecy)
- The ico files
- The fonts (client & trackerscheme.res)
- Color changes (client & trackerscheme.res)
- The demoplayer buttons
- The commandmenu
- The scoreboard
- The spectatorbar
- steam_menu & steam_menu_mouseover
- The loading menu
- Shell/kb_act.txt
- Some registry entries, located in the "registry" folder (ex_interp 0.01 registry entry added)
- 32Bit colordepth and the OpenGL renderer options locked!
- userconfig.cfg

* Included:
- user.scr & settings.scr files
- demos folder (you will find your recorded demos here)
- server configurations (local network & rcon)
- option panel improvements
- 2 valve.ico files (valve/)
- cz player model fix (sk-gaming gui - cz model fix) folder
- de_forge (updated), de_mirage, de_tuscan (sk-gaming gui - maps) folder
- sk gaming player profiles (bottom of the readme file) you can find their configs anytime when you visit those links!
- the menu background (wallpaper 4 resolutions)
- screenshots

* Fixed:
- Chat_Log from previous release
- Background atributes on any resolutions

screenshot-2.jpg screenshot-3.jpg screenshot-4.jpg screenshot-5.jpg screenshot-6.jpg screenshot-7.jpg screenshot-8.jpg screenshot-9.jpg screenshot-10.jpg

TheRetS: Probably u missing that .wad file from your halflife or cstrike folder.

Tibbzi 4 Years before

Nice Gui

SATON.-') [E30 - G] 4 Years before

Why its showing me wloadwad file:couldnt load gfx.wad, when i am trying to start cs?

TheRetS 4 Years before


okanözgür 5 Years before


Tibbzi 5 Years before

Nice GUI ! I like...

meHIGH SiLvEr 5 Years before
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