CPL gui (unofficial) by fixo

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Hi man. I have a problem. When I get your CS gui , my hp bar ingame and other thinks like a kevlar , c4 bomb , money ect. will change. Seems like fonts from CSS. How I can change it ?

prayer -A- 5 Years before

Hello, my writing breaks down the game and I get blocked because the game gui, I steam ... you have to make him go? May do it and UO date please watch your every detail or tell me what I can do my work and me well .. ! Thanks

H'Blow TERAS 5 Years before

muss delete font for normal chat :) full screen and big monitor is bad :D (sorry for my bad english) :)

fixo 5 Years before

800 is not obvious :)

pATURIKA. @ STRES 5 Years before

all rezolution

fixo 5 Years before

800x600 rezolution ? or only 124?

pATURIKA. @ STRES 5 Years before
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