ESC Gaming GUI 2012

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All screenshots:

- 640,800,1024,1280
- Included registry files
- Included player configs (commandmenu, bind keys)
- Demo, screenshot and more futures
- Modified motd, vgui items
- Removed the "shield" from the buy menu"
- Disabled : EAX and A3D support (Audio)
- Disabled : Colordepth and Renderer Mode (Video, 32 bit OpenGL)
- 1 .bmp spray logo
- Configs : Players,server settings, console and crosshair colors.
- Included detail textures for 7 maps
- A bunch of usefull bind keys (Keyboard)
- Options : New look at all panels.
- The background and screenshots included.
- Also you can find some usefull links about ESC Gaming.
- Uninstall: Default gui included
- Included links and info (Advanced panel "ESC ICY BOX"
- Viewdemo buttons, loading dialog, and a minimalistic spectator skin
- Game menu music: MP3 : Soilwork - Nerve
- Many more.

Note :
1.When you finished your demo recording, you can find it at: save/demos/ folder. Also the configurations located there.
2.The files except config.cfg and userconfig.cfg not editable (read only)
3.I recommend to install the gui to a clean cs 1.6/default gui
4.Before installing it make sure you saved your config.cfg and userconfig.cfg

- File size : ~ 16 Mb
- The installation is in the read me file.

The next gui will be fnatic.
I will upload this to soon.


ROMOPAT : Thanks

Tibbzi 5 Years before

good job :-)

ROMOPAT 5 Years before
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